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Donate Blood and Save Lives

James Christopher Harrison is an Australian. Do you have any idea what this gentleman did? He alone saved the lives of 2 million children.

Many people wish to help others and save lives. However, when it comes to philanthropy, they consider their own resources. However, consider James Harrison. He was unconcerned about affordability or his financial situation. That’s why he fled to the people with what he had.

What did James Harrison have?

Practically nothing, but everything. James Harrison donated his blood. James Harrison’s name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for saving the lives of two million children.

But when James Harrison ran to donate blood, he didn’t think of the Guinness Book. His thought was to help a person.

Mr. Harrison, 81, donated blood 1,173 times on May 11, according to Wikipedia. Because of the age limit for donating blood in Australia, this was his final blood donation.

People who volunteer for blood donation in developed countries frequently do so out of a sense of social duty. However, in developing countries, this culture of social responsibility has yet to emerge. Therefore, there are very few voluntary blood donors. As a result, there are extremely few willing blood donors. As a result, when someone needs blood, it is observed that their acquaintances provide the required blood. Fear of blood donation contributes to a dearth of volunteer blood donors.

However, donating blood is beneficial. According to experts, after donating blood, the body’s ‘bone marrow’ is stimulated to generate new blood cells, and new blood cells are born to compensate for the deficiency within two weeks of blood donation.

Every four months, a person can donate blood. Donating blood three times a year boosts the vitality of red blood cells and the rate of new blood cell development. Within 48 hours of donating blood, the amount of blood in the body returns to normal.

Besides, regular blood donation reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Another study discovered that people who donate blood twice a year have a lower risk of developing cancer than others. In particular, the risk of lung, liver, colon, stomach, and throat cancer is very low in regular blood donors.

Donating blood has many other health benefits. And blood donation benefits both the donor and those who will receive it. Blood transfusions are required for accident injuries, cancer or other complex diseases, surgery or childbirth, or the treatment of various diseases like thalassemia.

With these thoughts in mind, we have organized a Blood Donation Campaign on behalf of the Shah Foundation on Tuesday, August 15th. The blood donation programme will take place at Navanna Party Hall in Jackson Heights from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Don’t be scared. Sirajul Islam, the head of the Hematology Department at Sir Salimullah Medical College University, stated that any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 45 can donate blood. Only males must weigh at least 48 kg, while females must weigh at least 45 kg.

Please join us.
Donate blood and save lives.

Shah J. Choudhury
Founder and President,
Shah Foundation.