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Winter Clothes Distribution in India

In Assam rural areas, the incidence of poverty is the highest among agricultural and other labor (as high as 76 per cent and 80 per cent respectively), followed by self-employed in agriculture and self-employed in non-agriculture in that order. Among the social groups incidence of poverty is higher among the scheduled castes as compared to that among scheduled tribes. Incidence of poverty in rural Assam is similar to that at the all-India level whereas poverty in urban Assam is much lower than that observed for urban areas at the all-India level. The trend in recent years shows that there has been a worsening of rural poverty even though there has been a decline in urban poverty in Assam.

So Shah Foundation Planning a Distribution Winter Clothes to Assam people. This event Starting from on 1st January 2021. We are always here for those homeless people.


Event Start Time: 10 am (Local Time)
Date: January 1, 2021