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On the day of Fauzia J. Choudhury’s birthday, the children of Daudpur village received winter garments

January 3 is Fauzia J. Chaudhary’s birthday. In addition to serving as vice president and CEO of the non-profit organization Shah Foundation in New York, she serves on the board of editors of The Generation, an English-language, weekly published in the city.

Her birthday was observed normally without any special planning. Fauzia Chowdhury, along with her mother Hosneara Chowdhury, father Shah J. Chowdhury, brother Salman J. Chowdhury, sister Sadia, and a few others, celebrated the day with loved ones at their home in New York.

On Fauzia’s birthday, her father, Shah J. Chowdhury, organized a unique present for her dear daughter. He wished to provide some children with warm clothes.

Warm clothes distribution was decided to take place in Daudpur village, which is located in Rupganj union of Narayanganj district. Lunch and warm clothes are given to the local kids.

Mr Chowdhury says, ‘I found it much more humanitarian and sensible to provide a little warmth to the poor kids this winter than to spend money on a birthday party.’ he also said, ‘These kids are also someone’s child. As today is my daughter’s birthday, I’m giving this to my daughter as a birthday present.’

Mubin Khan, executive editor of Ruposi Bangla and The Generation, Shanta Islam, a member of the editorial board of New York-based English-language weekly The Generation, Abdul Baset Russel, a businessman, Shakhawat Hossain Khan Liton, Ratna Khan, Hamidullah, Shyamal Khan, on behalf of Daudpur village, were in charge of the overall management and supervision of the gift distribution.

Source: The Generation


Blankets distributed to destitutes on the occasion of Hosneara Choudhury’s birthday

December 31, 2023, was the last day of the year. It was also the birthday of Hosneara Chowdhury, co-founder and vice president of the Shah Foundation, a New York-based non-profit organization, and a member of the editorial board of The Generation, a New York-based English-language weekly.

Hosneara Chowdhury didn’t make any special plans for her birthday, she just spent it with her family.

However, it wasn’t an event without a noteworthy arrangement.

Shah J. Chowdhury, the husband of Hosneara Chowdhury, is the executive editor of The Generation as well as the founder and president of the Shah Foundation. He planned a different surprise for his spouse. He plans to provide blankets to some destitutes in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

“My wife is my greatest asset. And this is a gift for her on this special day.”

The distribution of blankets started at the west gate of the National Press Club in the capital on December 31 afternoon. Journalists from various national and international media were present on the occasion. Later, after 12: 00 pm, 50 people sleeping on footpaths in Mouchak, Malibagh, Shantinagar and Kakrail areas of Dhaka were given blankets.

Mubin Khan, the executive editor of Ruposi Bangla and The Generation, was in charge of the overall management and supervision of the blanket distribution. He was accompanied by businessmen Abdul Baset Rasel, Nayan Khalid and journalist Makhdoom Sami Kallol.


Donate Blood and Save Lives

James Christopher Harrison is an Australian. Do you have any idea what this gentleman did? He alone saved the lives of 2 million children.

Many people wish to help others and save lives. However, when it comes to philanthropy, they consider their own resources. However, consider James Harrison. He was unconcerned about affordability or his financial situation. That’s why he fled to the people with what he had.

What did James Harrison have?

Practically nothing, but everything. James Harrison donated his blood. James Harrison’s name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for saving the lives of two million children.

But when James Harrison ran to donate blood, he didn’t think of the Guinness Book. His thought was to help a person.

Mr. Harrison, 81, donated blood 1,173 times on May 11, according to Wikipedia. Because of the age limit for donating blood in Australia, this was his final blood donation.

People who volunteer for blood donation in developed countries frequently do so out of a sense of social duty. However, in developing countries, this culture of social responsibility has yet to emerge. Therefore, there are very few voluntary blood donors. As a result, there are extremely few willing blood donors. As a result, when someone needs blood, it is observed that their acquaintances provide the required blood. Fear of blood donation contributes to a dearth of volunteer blood donors.

However, donating blood is beneficial. According to experts, after donating blood, the body’s ‘bone marrow’ is stimulated to generate new blood cells, and new blood cells are born to compensate for the deficiency within two weeks of blood donation.

Every four months, a person can donate blood. Donating blood three times a year boosts the vitality of red blood cells and the rate of new blood cell development. Within 48 hours of donating blood, the amount of blood in the body returns to normal.

Besides, regular blood donation reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Another study discovered that people who donate blood twice a year have a lower risk of developing cancer than others. In particular, the risk of lung, liver, colon, stomach, and throat cancer is very low in regular blood donors.

Donating blood has many other health benefits. And blood donation benefits both the donor and those who will receive it. Blood transfusions are required for accident injuries, cancer or other complex diseases, surgery or childbirth, or the treatment of various diseases like thalassemia.

With these thoughts in mind, we have organized a Blood Donation Campaign on behalf of the Shah Foundation on Tuesday, August 15th. The blood donation programme will take place at Navanna Party Hall in Jackson Heights from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Don’t be scared. Sirajul Islam, the head of the Hematology Department at Sir Salimullah Medical College University, stated that any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 45 can donate blood. Only males must weigh at least 48 kg, while females must weigh at least 45 kg.

Please join us.
Donate blood and save lives.

Shah J. Choudhury
Founder and President,
Shah Foundation.

New York

Shah Foundation’s Ramadan food distribution in Jackson Heights and Jamaica

The Shah Foundation, a humanitarian organization, has distributed Ramadan aid to over 600 people in Jackson Heights, New York, and Jamaica ahead of the upcoming the holy month of Ramadan.

The Shah Foundation has been working in the service of humanity since its inception. The organization has always reached out to humanity, not just in New York. Shah Foundation stands by the side of helpless people, particularly in the USA, Bangladesh, and India.

Previously, during the floods and the Coronavirus epidemic, the Shah Foundation appeared with warmth next to cold people. On the eve of Ramadan this year, the Shah Foundation distributed food items in Bangladeshi-domiciled areas of Jackson Heights and Jamaica.

On the afternoon of March 18, Ramadan food items were distributed in front of the Nabanna Restaurant in Jackson Heights and in front of the Fatima Grocery in Jamaica on the afternoon of March 19. The event was presided over by Shah Foundation Director Moinuzzaman Chowdhury and conducted by another director, Fahad Solaiman, with Jackson Heights Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz and Jessica Ramos Gonzalez as guests.

The event was attended by Shah J. Choudhury, the founder and president of the Shah Foundation; AKM Fazlul Haque, the foundation’s director and a businessman; Husneara Choudhury, one of the co-founders; and Sadia J. Choudhury, another co-founder of the foundation. Ruhul Amin Siddiqui, Nazmul Ahsan, Litu Chowdhury, Shah Chishti, Mohammad Humayun, Ahsan Habib, Major (Retd) Jalal, Alamgir Khan Alam, Ahmed Hussain Deepu, Nihar Siddiqui, Mohammad Azizul, Mir Nizamul Haque, Shakeel Mia, Solaiman Patwari, and others attended too.

Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz thanked the Shah Foundation for its work in the service of humanity. “This is the greatest religion,” she declared. Serving others and standing by the helpless “I am and will always be a person of good deeds,” she stated. The community requires more organizations like the Shah Foundation.

According to Assemblywoman Jessica Ramos Gonzales, the Shah Foundation is doing good work. Ramadan, she explained, is a holy month of self-purification. During this month, people fast. Due to poverty, many people are unable to purchase the items they desire during fasting. The Shah Foundation is addressing this issue. I hope they continue this lovely work in the future.

Shah J. Choudhury stated that this donation was made on behalf of our family. All donations for these events have come from my eldest daughter, Fauzia J. Choudhury, co-founder and CEO of this organization. Aside from that, Haque & Sons provided us with these items at the purchase price. They did not benefit in any way. As a result, Haque & Sons can be considered a partner. “This is our third program,” he explained. We also provided food aid during Ramadan the previous two years. He claims it’s not a favor, but rather our love. This is how we wish to love others.

Rice, lentils, dates, black chickpeas, oil, muri, semai, and masala were among the food aids. The value of each box is known to be $50. Food was to be distributed to approximately 300 people in Jackson Heights. The food distribution was supposed to begin at 5:30 p.m., but people began arriving at noon. As a result, extra rice and pulses are purchased right away. Everyone received something.

Food distribution in Jamaica:
The Shah Foundation distributed Ramadan food items in front of Fatima Grocery in Jamaica on the afternoon of March 19. AKM Fazlul Haque, Director of the Shah Foundation, presided over the event, which was moderated by J. Molla Sani, General Secretary of the Jamaica Bangladesh Friends Society. As guests, Councilmembers James F. Gennaro and Natasha Williams, as well as mainstream politician Fakhrul Islam Delwar, attended the event.

The event was attended by the organization’s president, Shah J Choudhury, co-founder Husneara Choudhury, director Moinuzzaman Chowdhury, Bilal Chowdhury, Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Kamrul Islam Soni, Enayet Ullah Sentu, AF Misbauzzaman, ABM Osman Gani, Azhar Ahmed, and Rimi Bhuiyan.

Council member James F. Gennaro thanked the Shah Foundation and said the initiative was fantastic. The most important lesson of Ramadan and religion is to help those in need. The Shah Foundation is doing outstanding work. “I am a friend of Bangladeshis in this area,” he said. I have always supported the people of Bangladesh and will continue to do so.

“I am delighted to come to this beautiful event of the Shah Foundation,” council member Natasha Williams said. Because there is a distinction to be made between being good at something and assisting others. And that is exactly what the Shah Foundation is doing. She expressed her desire to be involved in all future Shah Foundation activities.

Fakhrul Islam Delwar stated that, although Shah J. Choudhury is the founder of the Shah Foundation, we are all also involved with it. He stated that the Shah Foundation has been dedicated to people’s service since its inception. He expressed gratitude to Shah J. Choudhury and his family for this.

Approximately 600 needy people received food aid during the two-day food distribution program.



Shah Foundation donated BDT 1 Lac Bank cheque for the treatment of a student

The New York based organization, Shah Foundation has donated 1 Lac Taka bank cheque for the treatment of Ripon Kumar Saha. Ripon Kumar Saha is a meritorious student of Rangabali, Patuakhali.

Ripon Kumar Saha, a BA first year student of Rangabali Degree College, is suffering from Neurofibromatosis.

Mr Shah J Chowdhury, founder and trustee of the Shah Foundation of New York, told Ruposhi Bangla that it is better not to call it a donation. Ripon has been suffering from Neurofibroma tumor. We tried our best to help him. That’s all.

The chief guest of the event, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Kamal Hossain handed over the bank cheque of the donation. The event was held in the Patuakhali Press Club auditorium on September 20.

Civil Surgeon Dr Md Jahangir Alam Shipon, Press Club President Swapan Banerjee and former President freedom fighter Nirmal Kumar Rakshit were present on the occasion presided over by Bangla Channel District Representative Zakir Mahmud Selim. Kazi Iqbal, General Secretary Jalal Ahmed, former General Secretary Zafar Khan and journalists from various print and electronic media were also present on the occasion.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Kamal Hossain lauded the Shah Foundation for donation for the operation of Ripon Saha’s Neurofibroma tumor. He promised to pay another Bdt 50,000 for Ripon Saha’s treatment.

Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan


Shah Foundation with food and medical assistance to the waterlogged people in Rajshahi

The New York based organization, Shah Foundation has provided food and medical assistance to Rajshahi, the education city of Bangladesh.

The Chairman of Shah Foundation, Shah J Chowdhury, spoke to Ruposhi Bangla from New York. He said that the recent rains and downpours inundated various parts of the Rajshahi metropolis. The houses adjacent to the river Padma have been flooded. There has been a crisis of clean water and food. Human suffering has increased. The Shah Foundation has come forward with food and medicine assistance to alleviate the suffering of these people.

On Saturday, September 4, food and medicine were distributed among the waterlogged people in the Talaimari Shaheed Minar and Baje Kajla river bank areas of the city. The Foods and medicines were distributed by, Chief Guest of the event, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) of Rajshahi, Muhammad Shariful Haque.

Rajshahi City Corporation Panel Mayor-1 Shariful Islam Babu, RTJA General Secretary Mainul Hasan Jony, Rasik Ward Councilor(24) Arman Ali were present on the occasion.

Mamun Reza, Divisional Representative of Bangla Channel was in charge of the overall management and the presidency of the event.

Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan


Shah Foundation’s food aid to 50 families in railway slums

The New York based Shah Foundation has come forward with food aid in the Khilgaon-Malibagh railway slum.

The food aid was given to the destitute, refugees and uprooted people living on the Khilgaon-Malibagh railway line on August 23 with the initiative and cooperation of Shah J Chowdhury, the founder and trustee of the Shah Foundation.

Fifty families were given rice, pulses, soybean oil, potatoes and onions as food aid, funded by the Shah Foundation.

The chief guest at the food aid event was the editor of the New York based newspaper Deshkantha, poet, writer and New York correspondent of ATN Bangla, Darpan Kabir. Arif Sohel, spokesperson of Bangladesh Awami League and joint news editor of Uttaran was present there as a guest.

Shah J Chowdhury told Ruposhi Bangla that the food aid has been given as a gift to the needy, refugees and uprooted people. This initiative will be successful only if they can spend a day without any worries.

At the beginning, the chief guest Darpan Kabir handed over these food items to the uprooted people. Later, he delivered the bags of food items in the slums near the railway line.

Mr Wakil Ahmed, worker of NGO Care Bangladesh, Mohammad Selim Reza, Eteshamul Haque Pintu and Akhter Hossain have come forward with overall cooperation in this event.

Businessmen Mohammad Abdul Baset, Saiduzzaman Pikul and locals also came forward to cooperate.

Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan


Shah Foundation’s winter clothes distribution program ended in Nakaihat

The New York based voluntary organization Shah Foundation donated clothes among children in Nakaihat.

The event was held on February 19 in collaboration with the local youth union Gobindaganj branch. The founder and president of Shah Foundation, Shah J Chowdhury said that their ongoing program of distributing winter clothes ended with this Nakaihat event.

The program was successfully completed among the children and disabled students in 6 places of the district within 20 days in collaboration with Mahila Parishad, CPB, Student Union, Farm Workers Association and Youth Union. Bachik artist Debashish Das Debu, politician Nirupam Kumar Sarkar, Gaibandha district branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, General Secretary and Journalist Rikta Prasad, Youth Union Gaibandha District Committee President Professor Pratibha Sarkar Bobby distributed winter clothes to the children in Nakaihat village on behalf of Shah Foundation.

President of the district branch of the environment movement and sports organizer Wajiur Rahman Raffel was in charge of overall management and coordination. Leaders of Gobindaganj upazila were present on the occasion. The organizers sincerely thanked Shah Foundation for providing winter clothes to helpless and poor children in Gaibandha.

The guests hoped that the Shah Foundation would continue such programs in the future as well. Shah J Chowdhury said that they’ve distributed winter clothes among 100 orphans at Gaibandha Shishu Sadan Women’s Section on January 28, the very first day of the event. He thanked Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Gaibandha district branch for their cooperation.

Later, on February 1, the second day of distribution of winter clothes event, they’ve donated aid for the mentally handicapped in Gaibandha, on the third day of the event February 7, Shah Foundation supported 160 orphans from the Santal tribe of Gaibandha, And on the fourth day, winter clothes were distributed among the Dalit, Ravidass children in Kalir Bazar, Fulchhari, Gaibandha.❐



Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan


Shah Foundation distributed winter clothes among the Dalit children in Gaibandha

New York based organization Shah Foundation donated winter clothes to Dalit children in Gaibandha. Winter clothes handed over to more than half a hundred children at the event.

Shah J Chowdhury, founder and president of Shah Foundation said that, it was a sudden plan to distribute winter clothes to disadvantaged children in Bangladesh. The implementation of this plan took place on 28 January in Gaibandha with the distribution of winter clothes among poor and orphaned children.

Shah J Chowdhury said that, They have already implemented the program in three areas of Gaibandha district. February 13 was the implementation of the fourth phase of the program. This time, winter clothes were distributed among the children of the Dalit Ravidass community at Kalir Bazar in Fulchhari upazila of Gaibandha district.

The Ravidass community was once engaged in carrying palanquins to the royal court. The people of this community are the neglected, underdeveloped, Deprived of mainstream and backward ethnic groups of Bangladesh. Although the Ravidass community is a self contained ethnic group governed by distinct languages, cultures, religions, beliefs, and social systems. During the British rule, the Ravidass came to this country for work and spread to different parts of Bangladesh. It is estimated that there are Ravidass in all the districts, upazilas and even at the union level in this country.

Poet Saroj Dev, one of the leading figure of Gaibandha culture movement, Bachik artist Debashish Das Debu and Prabir Chakraborty, the head of the voluntary organization ‘Abalamban’ distributed winter clothes on behalf of Shah Foundation. Politician and president of the district branch of the environmental movement Wajiur Rahman Rafel, was in charge of overall management and coordination. Leaders of the Ravidass community were present at the event.

Shah J Chowdhury said that, first day of the event was 28 January 2021. In collaboration with Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Gaibandha branch, Shah Foundation donated sweaters to 100 orphans.

Later, on February 1, the second event of distributing winter clothes to the mentally handicapped in Gaibandha were held. The Third day of the event held on February 7. Shah Foundation distributed winter clothes to 160 orphaned Santal children.❐


Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan


Shah Foundation Distributes winter clothes to Santal child in Gaibandha, Bangladesh

The New York based organization Shah Foundation donated winter clothes to 160 Santal orphans in Gaibandha, Bangladesh.

Founder Shah J Chowdhury said, Shah Foundation has been established to serve the distressed. The organization is moving forward with the vow of serving people. To maintain the vow, they are distributing winter clothes in Gaibandha in phases.

The third day of the Shah Foundation’s Winter Clothing Distribution Program was completed on February 7, 2021. District Communist Party Committee of Bangladesh in Gobindaganj Upazila organized the event.

Earlier, 28 January 2021, in collaboration with Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Gaibandha branch, Shah Foundation donated sweaters to 100 orphans. Later, on February 1, the second event of distributing winter clothes to the mentally handicapped in Gaibandha were held.

Mihir Ghosh, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh and President of Gaibandha District Committee, President of Sahebganj Bagda Farm Bhumi Uddhar Sangram Committee and Tribal Leader Filimon Baske, President of CPB Gobindganj Upazila Committee Tajul Islam, Pratibha Bobby and cultural personality and Bachik Shilpi Debashish Das Debu were present at the distribution event.

Politician and President of the district branch of the environmental movement, Wajiur Rahman Rafel was in charge of managing and coordinating the event.

Leaders of CPB, Adivasi and Youth Unions were present during the distribution of winter clothes at Shyamal Mangal Ramesh Smriti Vidyaniketan.

Founder Shah J Chowdhury told ‘Ruposhi Bangla’ that, the fourth program of the organization will be completed by distributing winter clothes among children at Nakai Hat in Gobindaganj, Gaibandha.❐








Source: Hindustan Surkhiyan